Bob Happy and Louie Myers Advertising Collection, Advertising Clocks, Signs, Thermometers, Coca Cola, 7-Up, Gas/Oil, Antiques and Collectibles, National Cash Registers, Railroad Roll Front Ticket Cabinet and More!!! Auction

Location: 610 E. Shepherd Rd, Liberty, MO
11 a.m. Sunday November 28th, 2021
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The Lifetime Pepsi-Cola Advertising Collection of Robert “Bob” Happy,

And Session 3 of the Louis “Louie” Myers Advertising Collection


SUN. NOV 28, 11:00 A.M.



Directions: From Kansas City, take I-35N to the 69Hwy Exit (Exit 20). Immediately Turn Right (South) on Lightburne Rd (33Hwy South) to Shepherd Rd. Turn Left (East) to Auction. From Northern Missouri, take I-35S to the 69Hwy Exit (Exit 20). Stay Straight (South) thru Stop Light on Lightburne Rd to Shepherd Rd. Watch for Signs. Several Large Nearby Hotels in Liberty, MO.

Special Note: We are pleased to offer the Lifetime Pepsi-Cola advertising collection of Bob Happy. Bob has enjoyed and collected Pepsi-Cola for decades and has amassed an Amazing Variety of Advertising and Collectibles including Many Clocks, Thermometers, Mirrors and Signs, Menu Boards, Novelty Items and Small Collectibles.

In addition, we are pleased to offer Session 3 of the Louie Myers Advertising Collection to including Cash Registers, Railroad Items including Oak Roll Front Ticket Cabinet, Porcelain Signs, Folk Art Whirligig, Many Great Advertising Clocks, Old Metal Signs, Thermometers, Gas/Oil Related Collectibles, Soda Pop Related Collectibles, Coca Cola Items including Rare Airline Cooler, Rare 7-Up Advertising Signs and Items, Several Custom Made Polished Chrome Side Tables that were made by Louie, and Much More!!! Don’t miss this Fantastic sale!!!

Auction Terms: CASH, or check if approved by Auction Company. We do NOT accept Credit or Debit Cards. Valid Driver’s License required for registration. Security and Video Surveillance on site.

Due to Covid19, we ask that Social Distancing Guidelines be practiced. An Absentee Bid may be placed at no extra charge. Please call for this service up thru the day before the auction, any day, at cell (816) 506-1429 or Home/Office (816) 630-1252 for more information.







- National 313 Brass Candy Store Cash Register, Ornate, Original, Nice Condition and Works!!!

- Antique Oak Roll Front Railroad Depot Train Ticket Cabinet, Nice;

- Antique Oak Rolling/Folding Table, Very Unusual, Possibly Railroad;

- Antique Painted White Drug Store Cabinet w/ Cabriole Legs, Glass Front, Glass Sides;

- Early 1900’s Folk Art Carved Wood Whirligig with Ma Ironing while Pa Reads Newspaper – Cool!!!

- Antique Oversized Clown Head Balloon Inflator – either from an Old Carnival or Possibly from Fairyland Park in Kansas City;

- Large Yellow Model Airplane, 6 1/2 Foot Wingspan, Needs Gas Motor;

- Tall “Canterbury Belts” Store Display Figure;

- Antique GE Series G Miniature 6in Brass Blade Fan, Nice;

- Rare Early Large Frost Kist Ice Cream Metal Advertising Sign, Approx 8 inch cut in side, but Great Graphics;

- “Watch Your Step” Porcelain Railroad Platform Sign;

- “Alfred Peats Prized Wallpaper” Cobalt/White Porcelain Agency Sign;

- “Smoke Piedmont Cigarettes” Double Sided Cobalt/White Porcelain Sign for Folding Chair Back;

- “Crystal White Soap” Cobalt/White Porcelain Sign;

- “Western Union Here” Cobalt/White Porcelain Sign;

- Turnbull’s Servicone Ice Cream Cone Dispenser Can;

- Nice Diamond Dyes Metal Advertising Sign;

- Diamond Dyes Framed Advertisement;

- Unusual “Open” Round Lighted Button Sign in Chevrolet OK Used Cars Colors, Unsure if from a Chevy Dealership or just same colors, but cool sign;

- “Seidlitz Paints – Best by Test” Rare Octagon Neon Lit Advertising Clock;

- “ADCO” Round Lighted Double Bubble Advertising Clock;

- “Time to Buy Star Brand Shoes” Round Advertising Wall Clock;

- “Rexall Bisma-Rex” Drug Store Round Advertising Wall Clock;

- “Drink Pepsi Cola” Round Lighted Bubble Glass Clock, Bottlecap Graphics;

- “Drink Pepsi Cola” Round Lighted Bubble Glass Clock, Bottlecap Graphics;

- “Pepsi – Say Pepsi Please” Square Lighted Advertising Clock;

- “Dad’s Root Beer” Square Advertising Clock;

- “Enjoy Grapette – Thirsty or Not” Square Advertising Clock;

- “Monarch Cement Company, Humbolt Kansas” Round Lighted Bubble Glass Advertising Clock;

- “Ancient Age Bourbon” Rectangular Lighted Advertising Clock;

- “Tumbler Automotive Chemicals” Round Lighted Bubble Glass Advertising Clock;

- “Wayne Farms” Round Lighted Bubble Glass Advertising Clock;

- “Buffalo Brand Seeds” Round Advertising Clock;

- “Drink Dr Pepper” Square Lighted Advertising Clock with Chevron Logo;

- “Drink Dr Pepper” 1970’s Plastic Advertising Clock;

- “Dr Pepper” Tall Metal Advertising Thermometer;

- “Drink Coca Cola in Bottles” Round Bubble Glass Advertising Clock, Red Center, White Border, Green Numbers;

- Coca Cola Picnic Cooler;

- Rare Coca Cola Airline Cooler;

- 1940 Coca Cola Fishing Girl Metal Serving Tray;

- Coca Cola Tin Bottle Thermometer;

- Coca Cola Framed Paper Signs/Prints;

- Coca Cola Framed Advertisements;

- Coca Cola Unusual Metal Tropical Theme Advertising Sign;

- Rare 7-Up Signs and Collectibles;

- Huge “Fresh Up, 7-Up” Hi Pines Lunch Metal Café/Diner Sign;

- Rare “Drink 7-Up, Drive Safely” Framed Tire Shaped Sign;

- “7-Up, It Likes You” Square Advertising Wall Clock;

- “Fresh Up, Keep Smiling” Beach Themed 7-Up Framed Advertising Print;

- Unusual Tall 7-Up Advertising Metal Signs;

- Square “Fresh Up, 7-Up” Metal Advertising Sign;

- “7-Up, It Likes You” Metal Advertising Sign;

- “Fresh Up, 7-Up” Metal Advertising Menu Board;

- WW2 Era 7-Up Advertising Poster with Buy War Bond Advertising, Corner Damage;

- Framed 7-Up Advertising Die Cuts;

- 7-Up Items;

- “Enjoy Grapette, Walk Safely” Embossed Brass Sidewalk Marker;

- Old Wood Soda Crates – Mason Root Beer, Hires Root Beer, Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, etc..;

- Oil Cans;

- Phillips 66 5 Gallon Oil Can;

- 8 Bottle Oil Bottle Carrier Rack and (8) Oil Bottles – some with Advertising;

- Green Porcelain Shade Service Station Lights;

- Several Nice Polished Brass/Bronze Gas Pump Nozzles;

- Large Polished Gas Pump Nozzles – Dover, Buckeye, etc…;

- Contains Lead Porcelain Gas Pump Sign;

- Early Eveready Prestone Antifreeze Can;

- 1939 Service Station Advertising Calendar – Fayette Missouri, Red Crown Advertising;

- Phillips 66 Fertilizer Advertising Metal Thermometer;

- Neat Stewart Warner Writo-sign Countertop Display Piece with Early Car Print Inside, Cracked Glass;

- Dunn Motor Company Metal License Topper;

- Pegasus Metal License Topper;

- Enarco Motor Oil License Topper;

- Enarco White Rose Gasoline Advertising Thermometer;

- Old Road Maps;

- Fantastic Collection of over 100 Chrome Car Club Plaques;

- Many Older and Unusual Car Club Plaques;

- Several Good Car Club Plaques to be sold individually/Choice;

- Groupings/Collections of Car Club Plaques to be sold with Wall Racks for Display;

- Large Challenger Boats Advertising Banner;

- Large Lighted Shop/Store Advertising Sign with Changeable Letters/Numbers, Colored Light Bulbs around, Works Great – This is the Sign from Louie’s Custom Polishing Shop;

- Tall “National Fidelity Insurance” Wooden Advertising Thermometer;

- H.O. Sidenfaden Funeral Home, Ambulance Service, St Joseph MO Wooden Advertising Thermometer;

- Small Brass Taylor Candy and Jelly Thermometer;

- Parker Bros Milk Delivery Service Metal Advertising Thermometer – Delivery Truck Graphics;

- W.O. Van Wyck Insurance Wooden Advertising Thermometer;

- Stanolex Standard Oil Co Small Metal Advertising Thermometer – Rough;

- Landry Bros Gas Delivery Advertising Thermometer – Delivery Truck Graphics;

- Several Advertising Thermometers;

- Vintage Regal Gumball/Candy Dispenser;

- Pokagon Beverage Soda Pop Bottles – Sets of 6 in Original 6-pack Carriers – Indian Chief Graphics;

- Old Katz Drug Store Advertising Jim Beam Decanters – Black and Gold Versions;

- Old Katz Drug Store Figural Ezra Brooks Decanter;

- Old Katz Drug Store Mineral Oil Can;

- Coca Cola and Budweiser Soda Fountain/Bar Display Bottles;

- Old Black Beauty Axle Grease Can – Early;

- Old Nichol Kola 5c Tin Tacker Sign;

- Royal Crown Cola Small Advertising Mirror/Thermometer;

- 1949 and 1950 Roller Skating Large Advertising Calendars – Framed;

- IGA Metal Shield Plaque Store Sign;

- Ansco Film Round Advertising Clock;

- Camel Cigarettes Small Metal Advertising Thermometer;

- “Acapulco Joe’s Café” Large Painted Wood Sign;

- Budweiser “Dale Earnhardt Jr” Nascar Race Advertising Sign – Nice, Kept in Plastic;

- 1996 Michelob 100th Anniversary Bartop Lighted Sign;

- Miller Genuine Draft Lighted Sign;

- Miller Bartop or Countertop Advertising Clock;

- Mohawk Tires Small Electric Advertising Desk Clock;

- Mack Bulldog Chrome Advertising Ash Tray;

- 1976 Republican National Convention Polished Chrome Plaque with Elephant;

- Custom Chrome Car Related Wall Plaques and Signs Polished by Louie;

- Custom Ford Polished and Painted Chrome Wall Plaque Emblem;

- Newer Chevrolet Die Cut Enamel/Porcelain Sign;

- 7-Up Lighted Advertising Sign/Piece;

- Fantasy Piece Pepsi Cola Neon Advertising Sign;

- Vendo 55 Style Coca Cola Cooler Radio in Box;

- Several Polished Chrome Custom Designed/Made Side Tables and Accent Tables made by Louie;

- Texas Longhorns Themed Custom Polished Chrome Side Table made by Louie;





- Rare National Cash Register with Pepsi Cola Advertising – Photo unavailable at time of listing, in storage, Great Piece.


- Rare 1948 “Pepsi Tops” Metal Sign with Field Graphics, Double Dot Logo;

- Rare Vintage NOS Pepsi Cola Picnic Cooler with Original Box;

- Vintage Pepsi Cola Picnic Cooler;

- Pepsi Cola Metal Bottlecap Sign – Very Clean;

- Pepsi Cola Metal Bottlecap Sign;

- Drink Pepsi Cola Metal Door Push;

- “Think Young, Say Pepsi Please” Square Advertising Clock;

- 1950’s Pepsi Cola Metal Menu Boards;

- Several 1950’s and 1960’s Pepsi Cola Tall Metal Advertising Thermometers;

- 1970’s White Pepsi Cola Tall Metal Advertising Thermometers;

- “Be Sociable, Serve Pepsi” Framed Cardboard Sign, Nice Graphics;

- 1950’s/60’s “Say Pepsi Please” Lighted Plastic Sign;

- Many 1950’s/60’s Plastic Pepsi Cola Advertising Clocks – Several Nice Space Age Styles;

- Several 1970’s/80’s Plastic Pepsi Cola Advertising Clocks;

- Pepsi Cola Advertising Metal Folding Chairs;

- Old Glasses Carrier and (8) Pepsi Pete Drinking Glasses;

- Pepsi and Pete Tin Sign;

- Vintage Pepsi Cola Metal Bottle Carriers;

- 1950’s Pepsi Cola Advertising Mirror;

- Pepsi Cola Store Rack;

- Pepsi Cola Bottles;

- Early Oversized Green Pepsi Cola Bottle, Paper Label, Double Dot Logo, Oklahoma;

- Pepsi Cola Soda Fountain Syrup Jug;

- Pepsi Cola Tap Handles;

- Large Amount of Pepsi Cola Collectibles;

- Pepsi Cola Die Cast Truck Banks;

- Pepsi Cola Die Cast Mini Cooler Banks;

- Pepsi Cola Alarm Clock – NIB;

- Pepsi Cola Coolers;

- Pepsi Cola Thermoses;

- Pepsi Cola Lights;

- Pepsi Cola Signs;

- Pepsi Cola Clocks;

- Pepsi Cola Electric Model Train with Transformer;

- Pepsi Cola Collector Edition Diner Phone with Box;

- Pepsi Cola Phones;

- Pepsi Cola Lamp;

- Pepsi Cola Replica Jukebox with Box;

- Pepsi Cola Can Cookie Jar in Box;

- Pepsi Cola Candlestick Phone;

- Unusual Pepsi Cola Advertising Boombox Radio;

- Pepsi Cola Advertising Mirrors;

- Pepsi Cola Belt Buckles;

- Pepsi Cola Small Collectibles;

- Pepsi Cola Salt and Pepper Shakers;

- Pepsi Cola Can Lighter;

- Pepsi Cola Pocket Knives;

- Pepsi Cola Bowling Balls;

- Pepsi Cola Advertising Die Cut Santa Claus Holding Bottle;

- 1954 Coca Cola Christmas Calendar/Sign with Santa Claus;

- Pepsi Cola Drinking Glasses;

- Pepsi Cola Cartoon Glasses;

- Pepsi Cola Glass Coffee Mugs;

- Amazing Lifetime Pepsi Cola Collection!!!





(816)-630-1252 or (816)-506-1429


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Bob Happy and Louie Myers Advertising Collection, Advertising Clocks, Signs, Thermometers, Coca Cola, 7-Up, Gas/Oil, Antiques and Collectibles, National Cash Registers, Railroad Roll Front Ticket Cabinet and More!!! Auction

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