2 Day Public Auction

Location: 18765 Hwy 69, Lawson, MO

From 1-35, take Hwy 69 exit North through Excelsior Springs, 6 miles north to auction sight

2 Day Auction
10 a.m. Saturday, April 17, 2021
1 p.m. Sunday, April 18, 2021
Rare Clock Collection, Primitives, Antique Furniture, Crystal, China, Fine Art, Cowboy, Old West, Indian Art and Artifacts, Taxidermy, Indian Art Artifacts, Antique Gun Collection, Rare Coin List, Gold, Jewelry
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2 Big Estates Plus 2 BIG SESSIONS

Saturday, April 17th - 10 a.m.

Sunday, April 18th - 1 p.m.

North Country Community Center


Rare Clock Collection - Over 30 rare and collectible clocks including a Howard wall hanging jewelers regulator; a Waterbury Jewelers regulator, 2 Ansonia calendar clocks, 2 great kitchen clocks by Waterbury, statue clocks; several kitchen clocks by Seth Thomas, Sessions, Ansonia, Waterbury, school house, regulators, advertising wall clocks, banjo clocks; most all of these clocks are in great condi­tion and most all are running.

Primitives - A great collection, including a very rare Dazey #20 antique 1/2 gal. butter churn, other churns, stone jars and jars, sugar bucket, wooden duck decoys, wooden bowls, graniteware, wooden beam walking plow and double shovel, antique wooden and brass showcases, hand corn sheller, tobacco cutter and grinder, glass and brass wash boards, collection cast iron toys, lard press, kraut kutter, old horse neck yokes, wooden block planes, grind stone, steam engine, money wrenches, buck saws, hand corn planter, old garden tools, fancy coke cooler, coca cola tray collection, other Coke items; cast iron skillets, old duck blind heater, coal hods, ice tongs, old Hamilton pedal tractor, pitcher pumps, more!

Antique Furniture - Some of the best you will ever find, including a presentation oak bookcase with carved griffin heads, claw feet, extreme fused leaded glass doors and curved leaded glass sides, fantastic oak curved glass cabinet; several of the finest marble top walnut Victorian parlor tables you will find; 2 pc. Victorian walnut bedroom set; fancy oak side board, Mission oak bookcase, oak high chair/stroller combo; 5 pc. ice cream table set; walnut desk, oak desk, fantastic federal period drop front desk, plus more; 10’ oak railroad bench;

Crystal, China, Fine Art - Several old leaded glass floor and table lamps, Bradley and Hubbard carmel slab table lamp, fancy kerosene lamps, Gone with the wind lamps; several pieces R.S. Prussia red mark bowls and plates, fancy carnival glass, fancy colored cut glass, Bavaria tankard pitcher with grape pattern, silver punch bowl with cups, small brass statue clocks, signed Tiffany red stretch glass vase, china biscuit jars, Fenton art glass vase, cut glass bride’s basket, depression glass, hand woven oriental rugs, collection of fine old oil on canvas paintings and framed prints, ladies size 6 heart case watch on cameo necklace, plus more

Cowboy, Old West, Indian Art and Artifacts - Collection of old pocket and hunting knives, including Winchester, Remington, Colt, Smith and Wesson, Case and other brands; collection of 9 different John Deere knives, Damascus hunting knives, old Bowie knives, long horn steer horns, western art by artists with Frederic Remington prints, C. M. Russell prints, G. Harvey, Robert Summers, Don Griffith and other limited edition signed prints, 3 prs. fancy spurs, 1 pr. signed Crockett, colorful steer hides, nice old high back saddle;

Taxidermy - 3 fine Royal elk head mounts, large white tail deer head mount, coyote full body mount, mounted beaver, otter, racoon, bobcat, skunk, and other small animals, large buffalo head mount, black bear mount, grizzly bear mount, with papers, plus more;

Indian Art Artifacts - Big selection Navjo sterling and turquoise jewelry; nice collection of flint arrow and spear points, really nice col­lection stone axe heads up to 15 pounds, Banner stones, bird stones, collection of golden Aztec idols, beaded pipe bars, cuffs, moccasins, big selection Navjo pottery, plus more;

Antique Gun Collection - Sells at 2:00 p.m. Saturday - Several Colt Single action Armys, some engraved, Colt D. A. Army, 1 of 500 made for Mexico Army with paperwork; Winchester Model 1873, 1876, and 1886 Models in various calibers, brass frame Henry enamaled signed Neske with silver overlay, Smith and Wesson revolvers, Terman Schutzen target rifle with disc sight, Colt dragon percus­sion, Colt model 1857 navy in box with accessories, 10 ga. double gaurd gun with carved stock, oriental palace tombstone Arizona, old muzzleloader, Springfield Indian gun, This is only a partial listing as we have not been able to open another safe at the time of this listing!

Rare Coin List - Coins sell Saturday starting at 12 noon. Type coin collections, Indian head cents, large cents, bust type coins, Buffalo nickels, Liberty nickels, over 200 Mercury dimes, Washington quarter set, state hood quarter set, over 200 Walking Liberty halfs, Franklin half sets, Big collection Morgan and Peace dollars including many key dates and high grade slabbed coins, Carson City dollars, almost a complete set of Morgan dollars in Davis Co. book, several hundred paper dollars in bag, large bulk group of Morgan dollars;

Gold - $1 Liberty gold, 2 1/2 d. Liberty and Indians; $5 Indians and Liberty, Some are slabbed and graded, US $20 Libertys and St. Gaudens, $10 Indians, US $50 Buffalo and Eagle, Bullion 1 oz. silver eagles, 1 oz. silver Buffalo rounds, 10 oz. silver bars; 100 oz. wall street and englehard bars, All coins and bullion are guaranteed authentic!

Jewelry - Patinum ring with 4.56 ct. round diamond solitaire, 14K ring with 1 ct. princess cut diamond solitaire, 14K ear studs with 3.35 ct. diamond; 14K ring with 10 ct. rond black diamond solitaire, 14K necklace with 27 cts. blue saphire and 6 cts. diamonds, 14K ring with 4.36 ct. round diamond solitaire, 14K bracelet with 1 ct. diamond, 14K ring with 1.04ct. princess cut diamond solitaire, 14K cocktail ring with 2ct. diamond, 14K ring with 2.10 ct. radiant cut diamond solitaire, 14K chain and pendant with $10 Indian gold coin, nice selection14K fashion rings with diamonds and rubys, saphires, amethyst, opals, emeralds, and other precious and semi precious stones, nice selection diamond cluster rings with 1 to 4 ct. diamonds, several chains with pendants with diamonds and other stones, plus more, all diamonds, other stones and gold, guaranteed authentic.

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Auctioneers: Ed Mast • 214-912-4095 • Mike Mast • 660-973-4058

For More Information, visit: www.firstwesternauction.com

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Terms: Cash; Check with Proper I.D.; Visa; Mastercard; 5% Buyers Premium; Preview starts at 9:00 a.m.

Saturday Sale Day. Free snack bar, soft drinks, and coffee at this auction.



2 Day Public Auction

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